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From Fairy Tail Guild, 21 years old.
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About mikejohnson
Name: Johnson Surname: Mike Height: 1,86m Weight: 91 kg Eyes: Green Hair: Dark-brown Favorite Music: RAP (not lil wayne shit, more like eminem,tupac ice cube), AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Falco, Greek music, Serbian Music, Fairy tail battle music (for fitness) :) and at least Maroon 5 Favorite Food: tzaziki, feta and CEVAPCICI. I LOVE CEVAPE Hobbies: Derping Around, Eating, Sports (all kinds startin with Football,Basketball,Kickboxing,Fitness, Swimming,...), all lovey dovey with the ONE, Memecenter, Meeting friends, Smoking Shisha, Videogames (PS4, Fifa14 and stuff) and Animes :3 3rd place german Master in Kickboxing Huehuehue My aim is to become Hokage, Pirate King and S-class wizzard
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mikejohnson's Favorite Questions
tauzoo8 months ago
A : ME
Q : who is your favrioute naruto character ?
manakal7 months ago
A : Yeah especially it's Jiraiya the pupil of the 3rd Hokage and Teacher fram Naruto And Minato(4th hokage).
but Madara is from Naruto my fav villain, and i like the first Hakage senju too.
Q : *A weird creeper stalks*
You have a nice ass there, sir.
awesome57 months ago
A : Hmm did i hear someone ?? nevermind
Q :

I know another dragon who is also a king.

agate_fluorite5 months ago
A :


Q :

R u a fegit?

Lol, no, my question is when you're coming to Greece with your extra hot girl friends that want to get to know me.

john_kalk5 months ago
A :

is that a question ?
well i am a sports type (ripped, muscels and stuff) not badlooking and nice too (only if someone piss me off though )
i would come to greece for the beach and would check there the ladies for you ( and you only stand there and do nothing)
and voilá theres a Date 4 u :D

if you want to be cool infront your friends let me handle that ;-)

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