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From United Kingdom, 119 years old.
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About mrnicjid
'Listen cat bugler, i'm giving you one last chance to hand them over before I cash in your coupons for you' Kaiser Wilhelm, 1847, The cupo bananas crisis
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mrnicjid's Favorite Questions
Q : Yaaaaay ! You're In Weekly Top Ten ^_^ Congrats Bro ;)
ahad.sikhaki3 months ago
A : thanks man :) i guess i was kinda lucky...
Q : your gifs are really awesome and i hope you keep up the good work . for the question how did you find memecenter ?
blue_flame2 months ago
A : thank you :)

i discovered memecenter it a long time ago, like around April of 2013
every now and then i used to come here and see what was going on, before i set up my account
eventually, i made my profile last november, and frankly, i should have joined when i first came here,
still, i have no regrets :)

Q : hey, can i ask you a question?
bepeabout a month ago
A : sure thing, what is it?
Q : Are you aware that you are kawaii?
merkmaker27 days ago
A : I think so..
Q : i like the way you are bro :) mc needs more guys like you ^_^ stay awesome [ Brofist ]
ahad.sikhaki4 days ago
A : aww thanks man :)
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