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About mustapan
Infinite sadness becomes ultimate wisdom.
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mustapan's Favorite Questions
Q : Whats your favourite Video Game franchise?
failblitz11 months ago
A : I love Player Versus Player games. I am addicted to competition because i love humiliation. Street Fighter 3rd Strike , Dota , Fifa series after 2011, Pes series before 2011, Mortal Kombat 3 & Trilogy, Wii Sports Golf .
I don't like MMORPGs because MMORPG means : " The one who spends more time, wins". And I have a life , i can't competite on them :) For single player games , my fav is God Of War. And maybe World Of Goo.
Q : Is your name Mustafa
wallnutcracker10 months ago
A : my name is Mustafa and sirname is Elit, if you re-arrange the letters you can get " I am Tasteful " COINCINDENCE ? I THINK NOT!
Q : what do you think about the new transfers ?
pana907 months ago
A : I was expecting to watch the Falcao on Champions Leauge this year, it was kinda disappointing for me to watch him sign with Monaco. Mourinho did well, Willian contra against Liverpool - Totthenham. Also Eto'o was a good decision. The most funny one to watch was Arsen Wenger, you know 9 seasons without cups & flash transfers. I was expecting a great transfer from him but Mesut Ozil was beyond my imagination!
Q : Have you had bad experiences with religion?
ekaf9 months ago
A : not with religion, with fanatics.
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