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From Anonymous Proxy, 19 years old.
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About mysteryguy
Often times I see so many people telling me that they would never be able to do something. That no matter how hard they tried, or what they did, they would never be able to accomplish something that they would clearly like to accomplish. One of the things that set me apart from other people in terms of strength was a deeply engrained confidence in what I was able to do physically, and when I lacked confidence I would create it out of thin air, but more on that later. George Leeman
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Q : Yo, Are You Black Or What?
sendet11 months ago
A : yes
Q : what is your favourite daft punk songs mine one more time face to face get lucky and around the world
djmoonwalk11 months ago
A : Around the world and Get Lucky.
Q : ... How do you get featured ... GIVE ME THAT DAMN SECRET AND I GIVE YOU A DAFT PUNK THINGS ! xD
spriters11 months ago
A : Bro the way to get featured is you have to make one of the followings meme
cute,cat, sloths, draw, make a gif about something awesome or cute or a fail and be original and try not to repost.
every time I am in the recent page I see at last 6 repost.
Q : how did you get the bob marley trophy
lionel.cader11 months ago
A : If I do tell you then this is what ben and the other admins will do to me.
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