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Son, they shook Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks Scared to death, scared to look, they shook Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks Scared to death, scared to look
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Q : Alright 2 question have been on my find since I first started seeing your comments:

1:Is that you in your user pic?

2:How and why did you reach the conclusion that you should become a Communist?

Also, this question came to mind in our PM conversation, what Communist theories/ideals do you align yourself with? Trotskyism, Marxist-Leninist, a mix, etc.
karlmarxandtheanons11 months ago
A : 1.Yes that is me.I signed up with facebook and now I can't upload pics here so I'm stuck with that.

2.Well like almost everyone I started as an anarchist.Here in Greece it's very usual.
Actually it was mostly from my hate for corruption and the police.And why is because of course communism is withing my class interests.
And I subscribe currently to Marxism and I'm close to Left Communism.(They are the ones who say the ussr was a full capitalist state like any other)
Q :

Daenerys is love
Daenerys is life !
nice profile

mark_li10 months ago
A :

At last a fellow fan of Daenerys.she has a lot of haters for some reason :/
And yes,she is love and life <3

Q :

Gimme your pic
need fap material

onlinemessiahabout a month ago
A :


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