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From United States, 21 years old.
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About noreenniceice
I am not the person most of you think I am. My name is Phil Miller, and I am a cis, white man, and Noreen was just a ruse as part of a long-running social experiment (which is a nicer, fancier way of saying I messed around making you all think I was some boorish SJW girl). If you're reading this and have been a follower of mine, then I apologize for having led you on for so long. If you're new- Hi! Edit: Hello all. Let me say that, no, I am not actually a cis white guy (well, actually I'm a cis Indian girl who's also bisexual, but that's besides the point). I wanted to make reverse-version of the "I'm a trap!" April Fool's Day jokes. The response I got was unusual, and I would be lying if I said I didn't want to see more. Also, it's a loving reference to a show I love known as "Last Man on Earth", and I based my temporary identity all off of the main character of the show. Plus, I have to be honest- Ever since I made up the phoney bologne About me, admittedly, I felt like I've been treated better. I know that some people gave me likes because they assumed I was being a troll, and for a while, it felt good to do whatever the hell I wanted while I had that free pass. I'm not going to lie and say "I got hate mail from SJWs"- I actually, really did get quite an easier time while moonlighting as Phil Miller! It's almost insulting.XD But now that someone's finally caught me, I've decided to end the charade. So here's to flaming truly, your favorite lady-bitch. Cheers!
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noreenniceice's Favorite Questions
Q : You Milady, are one of the kindest person on MC, considering on your likes and epic comments, I'm really happy being followed by you. Keep up the good work :)
gin_pratamaabout a year ago
A : Thanks! That really means a lot. I'm really glad to hear it coming from you.
Q : What do red white and blue pancakes taste like?
unknownpegasusabout a year ago
A : Berries n' cake.:3
Q :

what do you think of my return to the center again?

steelbonds7 months ago
A :

Would you like to hear the pleasant opinion first, or the not-as-pleasant-but-also-not-offending-and-simply-matter-of-factly opinion?

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