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About oystein
I demolish my bridges behind me then there is no choice but forward
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oystein's Favorite Questions
Q : look at you!already 115 followers.and you thought you will never make it this far. congrats for making it this far!
gabriel.v2 years ago
A : Thanks mate. I never thought I'd make it this far either.

(Random pic)
Q :

Holy sh*t, according to Belly's question further down, only around one month ago you got your 69th follower and now you have 235! Keep being awesome Oystein, you deserve the followers man!

Q:What's with your obsession with that card board suit scene? (you currently have a pic from it as your background) I remember you posting the gif frequently to test something but I never figured out what exactly.

karlmarxandtheanonsabout a year ago
A :

Well thanks on the followers (not that I agree that I need them.

A: cardboard boxes = awesome, cardboard suit = more awesome.

Q : I'm your 69th follower huahuehuehue
bellybuttocks2 years ago
A :
Q :

Can I beez a favorite pregunta on your AMA pl0x? :333

mrsakataabout a year ago
A :

Lol ofc

Q :

Who is your favorite MGS character Male, and Female.

mrchiron12about a year ago
A :

I think favourite female character has the be The Boss and favourite male character is...

Generic soldier #52

It's actually Ocelot

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