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From Philippines, 120 years old.
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About poklowthealien
so, how do we get started? I was born in Gensokyo and in the Philippines. I'm not gonna tell my real age. I dream that I want to be an artist someday here in memecenter. (thanks to halotroll). and I'm making walfas comics(thanks to 404nousername and crazybanana). if youre asking I'm a touhou fan, I would answer "Heck yeah!!" . I'm not that popular here because I'm not that active because my school life is pulling me out from memecenter. so yeah.. have fun seeing my posts.
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poklowthealien's Favorite Questions
Q : I heard you wanted to play PC-98 era Touhou games. Here they are: you must download the emulator, it's on the website too.
crazybananaabout a year ago
A : Thank you
Q : What country are you from? You can't be born in Gensokyo, you must come from the outside world (like me!)
crazybananaabout a year ago
A : Im half born in gensokyo and Im half born in the philippines
Q : Do you have a Yukkuri for pet?
babycolaabout a year ago
A : what's YUKKURI ?
Q : Are you a TouhouFan XD?
spriterfbfabout a year ago
A : YES!!!.. wait are you a touhou fan too?
Q : in my dreams i am frequently Alice, do something similar happens to you?
cthulhu_sanabout a year ago
A : in my dreams I dreamt that I am in gensokyo and I'm have a crush on Alice
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