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From Australia, 20 years old.
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About rapeghostsreturn
ok I should have said this earlier... unless you tell me on here first I will not add you on facebook... I hardly go on there anymore so it's hard for me to tell who it is wanting me to add them
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rapeghostsreturn's Favorite Questions
Q : You exist for Months, or a Year already...
And you are a Ghost...
What was the first THing you did when you knew you are a Ghost?
denis.manson.336 months ago
A : (>O-O)> well I kind of always knew I was one... and the first thing I did well... I just sat there starring into the faceless pale head of the tall man who was the reason for my creation...
Q : How did you become a ghost?
phoenix8526011 months ago
A : it was over 200 years ago... o-o and to be honest I was many ghosts back then... one day in a really dark and scary forest something was off... non of the ghosts in the area knew what it was... soon they all gathered in the middle of the forest to discuss what could be making them worry... but as soon as they all got together it happened... there was this really big static sound and then nothing... after 3 hours of nothing there was something... all the ghost started screaming in pain and horror
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