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From Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26 years old.
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rayyzo's Favorite Questions
Q : just here to tell you you're awesome that's all
thedarksorceress5 months ago
A : awww (: thank you so much. it means a lot to me. you're awesome too :D
Q : I saw your Facebook language is set to german ->
So you are able to speak german in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
Just wondering because I am from Germany ^^°
defiro6 months ago
A : ich spreche deutsch, da ich lange in der Schweiz gelebt habe :)
Q : You are back! I am much happier now. Memecenter is like nothing without you. Without you, this site would be called: "" You are the missing peace for the right name. I love your content and i hope you will keep it up!
merkmaker6 months ago
A : wow...what can i say...that's one of the nicest things someone ever told me (: thank you so much merkmaker. shame i didn't discover you before, you have some great posts ^.^
Q : hi cutie pie♥ :3
you make my day shine c:
cuz you're so fine;)
you make me feel like i'm on cloud nine :0
all the time!
i want to climb-
on top of you
and bite, kiss and lick you ;)
..its true ♥
i'd like to screw
the cutest guy in the world..and thats you c;
so .. i just ask, if you'd like to be mine ? ♥
Happy Valentines day Rayyzu ♥♥♥♥ :* two/0608142f.gif
lunalovesu946 months ago
A : you're so adorable babe ^_^ thank you for making my day...every day. Volim Te
Q : Don't worry rayyzo I'm gonna find the dragonballs and bring your ass back to this site
gnomesayin7 months ago
A : "your wish has been granted...farewell"

thx for the support buddy :D
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