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From Holy See (Vatican City State), 31 years old.
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Oh look! It's Pope!
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Q : Okay. Tell everything. Right now!
gazememecenterabout a year ago
A : I'm not from Japan / I'm an illustrator who's using Wacom graphic tablet and Photoshop CS5 / My favourite manga-anime is Dragon Ball / No I can't draw something for you / I'm not Ben, it was a joke / Yes I'm 31 years old / I'm from Earth / Yeah I'm tall and bearded / My height is 1.96m / I love meatballs / I don't want to follow anyone / I don't care rankings / I like my own works cuz it's my lucky charm / Here, my very first meme:
Q : Raze, I'm sure people already asked you this, but how did you come up with the name RAZE?
fiketabout a year ago
A : Long time ago, I started to use "Raistlin" as my nickname. He's a kick-ass character from the "Dragonlance" novel series. But it was kinda long and my friends started to call me "Raist"... Then I started to play Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver games. And changed my nick to "Raziel"... After a while, people started to call me "Raze"... This is the story of my username...
Q : Are you BEN?!!!
adam65010 months ago
A : Nope. It was a joke and I don't know why did everyone start to believe that sh*t so easily? >.>
Q : I saw that your posts are like photoshopper's.
bad_poker_face7 months ago
A : Well... It's not a style which belongs to only one person... But here... My 2nd post on MC: and my 5th one: and another one that I added 1 year ago: See? Photo and drawing combined in one meme... But that doesn't make me the owner of this style, right?
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