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From United States, 17 years old.
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About rockgirl719
Well, I'm a 17 year old girl named Claudia. I love alt rock, baking, reading, role playing, and dark humor(though I have my limits). I have strong opinions and am not afraid to voice them. I have no specific kind of posts that I make so you can expect a big variety. And, yeah, that's it. :/
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rockgirl719's Favorite Questions
Q : Welcome to memecenter. I like your posts. As the first person to ask you a question here, what are your hobbies?
otakugamer1235 months ago
A : Thank you. This just made my night. I've been trying to get something going for me for forever so thank you!

As for my hobbies, I mostly am just a bum on the computer. When I'm not glued to it, I bake(homemade, no package stuff), read, write, listen to music, role play, etc. I have multiple way to keep myself entertained so you basically have to take everything away to make me not have anything I want to do. I'm just awesome like that. :p
Q : How do you get the forever alone badge?
firinmahlazor3 months ago
A : No followers for a very long time. xD
Q : we need moar rocks
tau_zoo713423 days ago
A : Will this satisfy your rock needs?
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