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About rossana
I am a ninja in meme center academy. This is why you never hear about me :D
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rossana's Favorite Questions
Q : Favorite anime?
blobbles21210 months ago
A : kodomo no omocha ( the girl in the profile pic), fairy tail, mermaid melody, one piece, naruto, Ranma ½ , dragon ball, dragon ball z, guru guru, kilari, pfff... i guess these are my top 10 :D
Q : I have a couple of questions
1) What is ur favorite artist on MC?
2) Who has the best non drawing posts on MC?
3) Who is ur BFF in MC?
4)What is ur favorite Anime?
5) How come u r still level 12?
kovaci9 months ago
A : 1) pablostanley
2) rayyzo
3) Bianka
4) Kodomo no omocha
5) Never got featured :(
Q : Hi Rossana, i hope you're soon back and post again. i always enjoy your posts and texting with you. just wanted to say you're awesome :3
rayyzo7 months ago
A : Aww thank you. You really made my day. I came back just a few days ago but I have been busy... promise I will post a lot soon..... thank you so much... you are pretty awesome yourself :D ..... and btw keep being this awesome <3
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