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From Czech Republic, 18 years old.
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Q : i noticed that you're male and playing with a female char, i thought it was kinda funny and weird at the same time because i am a female and i play on a male char, and it is a nightelf too !
let me love you dude
let me love you
loreaabout a year ago
A : Awww, You're so sweet.
Q : how old are you?
twistednippleabout a year ago
A : 17
Q : when did you get the idea to make the char's have animal hats?
ahaha244356about a year ago
A : It all began, when I wanted to draw myself in my comics. I first wanted to make myself normal, but that way my name would confuse people, so then I had the idea to draw a skunk, but I also wanted to draw myself. Then I got the idea you see now, the hat and the tail.
I didn't want to be the only one, so I draw my close friends some too.
Q : Are you actually from czech republic, if so, im from slovakia :)
gargon5about a year ago
A : Ahoj, ano jsem. (Hello, yes I am.)
Q : If you could have any power of your desire what would it be?
tauzooabout a year ago
A : To transform into a Supersaiyan.
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