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From ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Kingdom, 20 years old.
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About snajath
Im a potato lost on the internet.
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snajath's Favorite Questions
Q : Why are you so awesome? that was put in the form of a question because it says ask but what i really mean is, your awesome, don't stop, thank's for all the memes
vanquisher3 years ago
A : The only reason Im awesome is because AWESOME PEOPLE LIKE YOU FOLLOW ME!
Q : how did you get sooo many badges?
Nayhayyy3 years ago
A : MAGIC~! (But seriously, I dont know xO)
Q : on a scale from 1/10 how badass are you?
koksvik3 years ago
A : Eleven.
Q : why is your name snajath is it your real name (propably not) or your dream name or what???
nawar_malas3 years ago
A : My real name is Najath and I have a twin brother called Sajath, we both make memes. The username is the mixture of our names,
Sajath+Najath =Snajath
I know its a really LAME name but I would never have dreamt that I could've come this far on

Q : what are the criteria for chosing the awsome user of the week?
gintaman3 years ago
A : Good question Gintaman (awesome username xD), well, ¦1.) The user should have less than 1000 followers, ¦2.)The user should be active. `3.) [this one is VERY important] The user should have ORIGINAL content, I just consider the last 20 or so posts.4.) THEY HAVE TO BE AS AWESOME AS EVER~! Those are the main criteria I mainly stick on!
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