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From Las Noches, 119 years old.
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About tau_zoo7134
HEY YOU!!! Thanks for visiting my profile XD!!!! Feel free to drop in a random question in my AMA(ask me anything) or pm me if you get bored! Eh...about me....Hmmm. Well for one I am an avid anime fan! I love to draw, run, eat tons of SUGAR!!!I'm also pretty weird. I mean like here in MC, and in real life. But ya feel free to talk to me ANY TIME!!! I'll try to answer, and have a good one!
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tau_zoo7134's Favorite Questions
Q : No matter which user's AmA I check, BAM, a question by you.... How do you do that??
deathunterabout a month ago
A : well I love welcoming random users here to the MC I browse recent trying to greet everyone....but not all of them are nice
Q : what is YOUR favorite anime?
animememeberabout a month ago
A : mine of all....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....probably FMA or DBZ!!!! One's that not a lot of people know but that I like is: Tales of Symphonia(the animation since it was a game), Broken Blade, Brave Ten, and...yeah...try watching em if you haven't already. They're not the best...but they were quite entertaining for me
Q : Are you a Tau from the Warhammer 40,000 Epic table top games?
pieoffireabout a month ago
A : XD sorry no!!! Another user asked me that just like you , but the story is...I didn't need to register my MC account O_O. For some reason I used my Facebook to log in, and then my MC account just caved in. I didn't get to choose my username because my email got cut in half. Thus tau_zoo7134@so and was made into my username: tau_zoo7134. Also tauzoo is my older bro's name in short for the full name tauzoong. So if you think calling me tau is my real'snot :P.
Q : i was wondering... do you like animes? you know... like, japanese cartoons? you should check them out :O
darkjedi27 days ago
A : AHAHAHA XD thanks captain obvious. I'll be sure to check em out. (YES I'VE LOVE ANIME.)
Q : Did you make your profile cover/background? Also what anime/what character is your avatar from?
A : My avatar is hollow ichigo from bleach, and a vasto hollow. And no I didn't make my background/cover pic...I'll try to make a cross over some day though...just not now.
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