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From Psychotic Nuke land, 17 years old.
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About thechosenspoon
Im a spoon living in Psychotic Nuke I need to say more? I think not!
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thechosenspoon's Favorite Questions
Q : Are you a real spoon?
vicboy187 months ago
A : Yes,I jump around the keyboard to type and I use the help of my friend spoons to move the mouse and draw with it.
Q : can you give me link to your first drawn meme.
marko12346 months ago
A : my first drawn meme never actualy made it to MC.I started on DA :)
Q : hi! i just became a werespoon, can you show me how to spoon Spoon?because i'd like to spoon everyday like a spoon
should spoon and use spoon shampoo, eat spoon food, wear spoon clothes, use spoon nuke's, spoon language, use spoon movements and celebrate Spoon day,Spoonmas, New Spoon and etc.
mark_li5 months ago
A : Just buy a spoon made out of blood of another spoon,put a beard on it and it shall show you some of the secrets.After that travel to spoon land and find lord spoon the spoontastic,he will send you on a spoonific quest to fight dragospoon and once you defeat him you will get the legendary adventurespoon book,the guide to the spooniverse.After that you are all set...
Q : -poke- h-hey o//3//o...i love you >//w//<
mayamiaabout a month ago
A : *poke* I love you too ^//w//^
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