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From Anonymous Proxy, 20 years old.
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About thorn-and-spec
I came into this world with sideburns, and I'm gonna leave this world with sideburns. I know everything there is to know about nothing at all. I once pulled the school fire alarm to see if it was a fire alarm. 45% of the time I'm on memecenter I should really be doing school. what is 2 + 2? 4. what kind of present does jacob want for his birthday? a playstation 4. What color underware is William's girlfriend wearing today? trick question, she isn't. Now remember people, if you don't know the answer to a question 42 is a completely legit answer. I own a lazah. refer to rule 93. Slenderman is usually behind me, and when he's not behind me he's behind you. chances are if you've browsed through memecenter's comments section I've posted something that is offensive to you. I did it with the intention of offending you so quit whining :) if you didn't like the previous statement then refer to rule 93. contrary to popular belief, I did come from satellite provider and anonymous proxy, but left because i felt like it. find local singles in satellite provider! screw off p*rn page adds, if I wanted to get laid then I wouldn't be on a p*rn site now would I? I will one day buy a paperclip for $100 because I can and that's all there is to it. I love sarcasm, it sure beats shooting people. sorry memecenter, I have no soul to sell! Ben is god and Chuck Norris is jesus. yes, Chuck Norris is Ben's son. probably not, but it sounds funny. I am "that guy". Whatever the hell just broke I guarantee I didn't do it! rubber gloves double as condoms in tough economic situations. this list is (exponentially) less crazy than one guy one jar. If you haven't seen one guy one jar then don't. if you just watched one guy one jar then hire a therapist. you will never think of anal that same way again. terraria is minecraft for hipsters. hipsters are not hipsters because too many people are hipsters making hipsters a mainstream phenomenon, thus everyone who is a hipster is NOT a hipster and everyone who isn't a hipster IS a hipster. Starbound is not a hipster minecraft, it's starbound. Single player is the thing you play after multiplayer to regain your confidence. dafuq are you looking at?! keep scrolling! I SAID KEEP SCROLLING BIATCH!!! the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is never the end is, etc,... Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires! Or start them with gasoline and some matches. sometimes you just need to kick a midget in the balls. sometimes you get kicked back. to be continued...
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Q : what are your hobbies :3 ?
meme-july9 months ago
A : Well I do the obvious, I watch anime, brows memecenter & deviantart, but my biggest hobby is gaming, always loved video games, I've been saving up money for a gaming pc, causes me to drool every time I think of it, lol. I also listen to music virtually all the time and I've made a hobby out of comic making (moar obvious, lol), other than that I'm quite boring...
Q : fan of marble hornets? I only ask because your symbol is very similar to theirs :p
slendy9 months ago
A : DAMN!!! You deserve a prize for being the first to ask about my symbol! XD been waiting so long for someone to say something...

Marble hornets was amazing in my opinion, it got me into the slenderman ARGs and creepypasta in general. I always liked how the operator symbol followed through with all the slenderman ARGs and how some had their own symbol (the TribeTwelve Symbol, Darkharvest00, etc,..) and at one point I really wanted to make my own slenderman videos, so I came up with a symbol!
Q : Hi, Just wanted to say I love your comics, they are so cool that the admin use it on the manga panda website :D
tobimeronaabout a month ago
A : Thanks ^_^ I'm glad to hear you like them! My comics are on Manga Panda? Never knew that... got a link?
Q : which shoe do you put on first?
thecoolestloserabout a month ago
A : The ones that go on my hands.
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