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From United States, 30 years old.
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About thorn-and-spec
December 15th, 2014 - New York. Merry Christmas. That's what people say at Christmas, right? Except normally they have someone to say it to. They have friends and family, And they haven't been crouched naked in the basement with a needle in their arm like an insane person in an rundown apartment in New York. They're not out of their minds, they're not writing in a diary, And they're definitely not watching their holiday spirit coagulate in a spoon. I didn't speak to a single person today. I thought why should I ruin their fucking Christmas. I've started a new diary and this time I have a few new reasons. One, I have no friends left. Two, so I can read back and remember what I did the day before. And three, so if I die, at least I leave a nice little suicide note of my life. It's just me and you, diary. Welcome to my fucking life. Nobody would believe the shit that happens inside my head, it's haunted. Now I've come down from the drugs it seems like a sick play that I saw in a theater somewhere. Thirty minutes ago, I could have killed someone. Or better yet, myself.
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Q : what are your hobbies :3 ?
meme-julyabout a year ago
A : Well I do the obvious, I watch anime, brows memecenter & deviantart, but my biggest hobby is gaming, always loved video games, I've been saving up money for a gaming pc, causes me to drool every time I think of it, lol. I also listen to music virtually all the time and I've made a hobby out of comic making (moar obvious, lol), other than that I'm quite boring...
Q : fan of marble hornets? I only ask because your symbol is very similar to theirs :p
slendyabout a year ago
A : DAMN!!! You deserve a prize for being the first to ask about my symbol! XD been waiting so long for someone to say something...

Marble hornets was amazing in my opinion, it got me into the slenderman ARGs and creepypasta in general. I always liked how the operator symbol followed through with all the slenderman ARGs and how some had their own symbol (the TribeTwelve Symbol, Darkharvest00, etc,..) and at one point I really wanted to make my own slenderman videos, so I came up with a symbol!
Q : Hi, Just wanted to say I love your comics, they are so cool that the admin use it on the manga panda website :D
tobimerona9 months ago
A : Thanks ^_^ I'm glad to hear you like them! My comics are on Manga Panda? Never knew that... got a link?
Q : which shoe do you put on first?
thecoolestloser9 months ago
A : The ones that go on my hands.
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