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About toasterman
I consider myself as a somewhat cynical and a nihilistic person, but one with a good sense of humor. I mainly listen to metal music like Marilyn Manson and Rammstein. I speak English and Finnish fluently and I'm currently studying German, and Russian. The topics of my memes are commonly about metal music, ironic posts with intended bad grammar, languages and their similarities and/or differences and sometimes even politics. I like to spend my free time playing my guitar, listening to my kind of music, making memes, watching Netflix, driving aimlessly in the countryside with my ATV, having a civilized conversation, et cetera.
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toasterman's Favorite Questions
Q : What's the meaning of life?
omnomman6 months ago
A : I'm a nihilist, so I don't personally believe that life has an objective purpose.
Q : do you believe in other beings (such as extra-terrestrials)?
artist-of-science3 months ago
A : I have no doubt about the existence of extra-terrestrials, but I don't really believe that there is a ''God'' or some other entity, which is beyond science. And if it would turn out that there in fact is a God, I would not bow to a god, who allows kidnapping, rape, torture and murder in his ''holy book''.
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