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tobimerona's Favorite Questions
Q : Bish, you saxroll'd me. ;^; How dare you!
luciper4 months ago
A :
Q : 1) F*ck your links. I had to go and cry after seeing what I saw

2) I started watching Gurren Laggan, and whenever I see the characters, all I see is Tobey and Lucasmoura

3) I hope you're feeling better

4) Paulie is dead, stop talking to your dead father
michaelhawke2 months ago
A : lol
Q : Smosh is awesome and so are your posts! Do you like any other youtubers?
n00bkilla193about a month ago
A : Holy crap You talk to me, and yes I like animators like domics, jaltoid, animeme,cartoon hangover,Ego Raptor,ExplosmEntertainment , Into tech videos like Austin Evans and marques brownlee, weird stuff like How to Basic and Jacksfilm, Vsauce and ray william Johnson, RANDOMinicSHOW, **** Higa, mychonny, Anna Akana, Bart Baker and AGVN, Dorkly, ERB and more but there are just too much
Q : Will you let me love you?
merkmakerabout a month ago
A : yes I love you
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