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From Weeaboo Island, 17 years old.
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About tobimerona
konichiwa senpai sensei. Excuse english, me's Japanise. Me life here 4 only 2 weeks only at America. Me Like 2 watch Naruto a̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶a̶s̶t̶u̶r̶b̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶s̶a̶s̶u̶k̶e̶. Me hope 1 dayto move to Japan and be a real Japanese (。+・`ω・´) (・`ェ´・)つ (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣o˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)⁼³₌₃ Σ(▼□▼メ) Kawii Desu Konnichiwa Senpai, Please notice me, I watch Asian cartoons, I'm a weeaboo, I live in my mom's house. I'm like thirty two, I collect swords and throwing stars, yes I'm a weeaboo, Sticks and Stones may break my bones, But I will always be one step ahead of you, 'Cause I read the manga, (You're such a fucking pleb, are you even even japanese bro) I haven't showered in like sixteen weeks, All my friends and peers are ashamed of me, 'Cause all'O'sudden, I think I'm japanese Yes I'm a weeaboo x4 A filthy weeaboo (snorts Naruto is SO Over-rated) A dirty weeaboo (You wanna see my katana collection) A fucking weeaboo (I'm learning Japanese on Rosetta stone) A disgusting weeaboo (So I'm like basically Japanese now) i sit at my computer desk, and argue with teenagers on the internet, about atheism, and how japan is superior to other countries, i learned a bit of japanese, so now i'm qualified to be a part of their community so i made my avatar a kawaii waifu yes im a weeaboo x8 死ねカスぶん殴るぞ
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tobimerona's Favorite Questions
Q : 1) F*ck your links. I had to go and cry after seeing what I saw

2) I started watching Gurren Laggan, and whenever I see the characters, all I see is Tobey and Lucasmoura

3) I hope you're feeling better

4) Paulie is dead, stop talking to your dead father
michaelhawke9 months ago
A : lol
Q : Will you let me love you?
merkmaker8 months ago
A : yes I love you
Q :

Dat Guts profile pic. XP

BM5167 months ago
A :

Ding ding ding you made the 90th question :D

Q :

Hi. No questions in particular. I just wanted to say that I really luv what you do because it way more subversive than many other posts on this site ^_^. Keep up the good work !

enor6 months ago
A :


Q :

would you rather be a firebender, airbender, waterbender or earthbender?

shortyshrimp3 months ago
A :

Firebending> the rest of them

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