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About tred1975
I love memes, well i mean i am single since a while now, so why not make some memes?? WHY NOT ??? sigh.. btw i am not ugly! i am quite handsome!! atleast i think i am..

How to dodge my obvious desperation which you are kindly unhearing? Ok let me tell you what you will get here.. I am sniffing out all the awkwardness. Making memes, combining findings with a different context. Sometimes a way too odd, sometimes offensive, sometimes subtly pervy.

Culturally i am mixed up. Half german half indian. Lived in India and in Germany. So i am aware of almost everything!! almost.. kinda...

Ok if you still want to join me it speaks volumes about you. So you are still unsure?? You know what? Forget it... don't join me if you don't want to.. i don't need you... who do you think you are ???

OK OK please don't leave!! .. thought about it.. i am really sorry you seem to be a nice person, since you are still reading, so join me... i mean if you want to.... it's your decision, you are a free person.. no one is forcing you.. you are born with a free will. Atleast i hope you do...

thanks for reading, i love you...
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