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About unknownjedi
adventure, excitement, a jedi craves not these things -master yoda
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unknownjedi's Favorite Questions
Q : How did you get hooked on Star Wars?
megusatvo314about a year ago
A : one of my aunts introduced me to star wars at a very young age and it blew my mind. i been a fanboy ever since.
Q : How did you get such an AWESOME beard? >.>
snajathabout a year ago
A : Just got to work and noticed this ask me anything button..isn't it the same as the message button? growing a badass beard like this takes practice my friend..years of
Q : Do you even lift?
failblitzabout a year ago
A : what do you think?
Q : If a billionaire told you "You want me to open peace in all world or you choose a lightsaber"
the question is... which color your lightsaber will be ?
aminovabout a year ago
A : HAHA..i see what you did there! i would choose green...definitely
Q : If you are an "unknown jedi", why do you display your face on your profile ? Because I think the Empire can found you even without the name. You know, someone can betray you and tell you're a jedi, people can be such *******s. Even if you are an hermit ; I knew a jedi who was betrayed by his own bantha.
zwiftyabout a year ago
A : remember the Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded
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