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About usain-bolt
I am le trolle master Usain Bolt. If you entered my page thru a shitstorm then you are either a sepctator (please, do enjoy the show) or an idiot who was stupid enough to fall for me.
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Q : has almost 500 posts and not a single one of them a favorite.....what are you up to or more over...are you a human
rakr9 months ago
A :
Q :

Can you beat Sonic?

hyruk8 months ago
A :

of course

Q :

when did you visit memecenter for the first time?

bellybuttocks7 months ago
A :

it was january 2013. about a day or two later I created an account to see all the posts. and 2 weeks after that I started becoming active within the community. that was with my old account daboss00. I have this account since three months (I think).

Q :

Your home has been destroyed by the XOF unit. Say "They played us like a damn fiddle!" to get your revenge.

oystein4 months ago
A :

how bout I just bomb israel as a revenge? you know what they say

Q :

So Usain-y, if you have a big weakness to traps and a love for aryans, then which is better: An aryan female, or a non-aryan trap?

jenn654about a month ago
A :
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