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About vlade
Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you.
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vlade's Favorite Questions
Q : can you post a picture of yourself?
russianboyxabout a year ago
A : I like my privacy. Sorry ^_^
Q : Where do you live? I don't believe the antarctica part.
mr.toastyabout a year ago
A : I don't like to be typecast into one country or race, that's why I placed Antarctica. Labeling someone based on the country or continent they reside in is something I try to avoid, that's why I chose a place where there's no people ^_^

Also, Antarctica has penguins, where as I am the King of the Socially Awkward Penguins!
Q : how long have you had Happy?
ratchet321about a year ago
A : Awwww, I made a comic about me getting Happy :( You must have missed it or something ^_^ Here, all you need to know about Happy is in this comic:
Q : What do you use to make your meme's?? Are they hand drawn?? And do you use a tablet to draw?? thanks :D
breadabout a year ago
A : I used to draw with a mouse for maybe the first 350+ posts? Last January I got a gift: a wacom bamboo fun pen and touch. Since then, I've been using it in my comics. Software I use is Adobe Photoshop CS5, I don't have experience with any other software, other than MS paint of course. ^_^
Q : What's your favorite Anime?
darkp0wer7about a year ago
A : In order: FMA, Death Note, then Fairy Tail ^_^
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