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About warpten
Retired Corporal from the FFL, 2e REP / CEA / STE, my pride and my bane, cripled for life so back to civilian life, from that day i choosed to live everyday like i wanted to, book, video game, anime, pizza, movie, comics, mmorpg... I'm a wandering nobody, looking to laugh and discuss about general stuff, from sport to religion, i like all type of discussion, kinda miss the old "rage comic" but, well, time change so as i, still a gun nuts but eh, "some thing never change" Some people consider me racist, i'm just a patriot, i'm afraid of the legacy of my country, as much as i love multi-culturalism i hate communotarism and sadly my country is going firmly into a wall. Got +3 Battle Scar, forcing me to defend France as much as possible. Be prepared, i'm a dick, with manners, but still a dick.
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Q :

why your name is a Warcraft 3 Cheat

neo-nuclearcrazedabout a year ago
A :

Oh, it's some kind of inside joke, i was a middle+ at Warcraft 3, one time my friends asked for making a lan, i won againt's them because i was simply using keyboard shortcut for building stuff, they thought i cheated because i was micro+macro very quickly, i found it funny so i make it my nickname :P

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