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Q : hello there...i am so so so so so so so happy that you are a brony.....because i am a brony too!!!!!

how did you become a brony anyway???
ellonacutie4428 months ago
A : I was on youtube. i don't remember how but i ended up clicking on an My little pony YTP like this one that wasn't the first one i watched just one i had in my liked videos on youtube anyway after watching a few i was thinking if there are YTPs of the show maybe its good. so i watched MLP FIM Se1Ep12 "Call of the Cutie" to see if it was good after the episode i loved it. thats how i became a brony
this was around February 11, 2012 - February 18, 2012
Q : Favorite poneh?
brad10126 months ago
A : At the moment Twilight Sparkle
What about you?
Q : I see that you're a huge anime fan, what's your favorite anime?
halloweenqueen9 months ago
A : Lucky stars. it was the first anime i watched and i still Watch it and love it today even though its doesn't make new episodes
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