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About 1nvader
A wannabe 3D artist. Hopefully, one day I make it to a nice game studio with a name for myself on CG Society.
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Q :

How much time on average does it take you to find enough material to make one steam review comp?
Is it easy or hard to find interesting material for those?
Also, keep up the good work, as they're just awesome.

redondepremiereabout a year ago
A :

literally same question is answered among the featured ones >_>

It's usually hard, because I stay away from Early Access games. I don't want to promote incomplete games for you guys. But it's easier when a lot of hyped releases are around the corner (e.g. right now that's Battlefleet Gothic Armada). Going through all these games really makes me wish Valve would control the content on Steam though. So much shovel ware...

Q :

What is an event in your life you would hate to re-live?

tauzooabout a year ago
A :

Getting rejected by the girl I had a a crush on for several years at our local convention in 2013.march.17

........ or maybe when she cut ties with me a year and a half ago, that got me into that one depressions as a result of which I dropped out of school and my life completely changed. Although far more painful, this actually might've been for the best, so I don't know.

Q :

Do you use Blender?

switzerlandabout a year ago
A :


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