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About Ifreet
I eat memecenter for breakfast!
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Ifreet's Favorite Questions
Q : How did you find :D
snajath8 years ago
A : humm it was through, had those links above some were from, but what really kept me choose memecenter was the capable of leveling up by creating our own memes :D
Q : How does it feel to be on the top 10? Btw, keep up the good work :D
bread8 years ago
A : For the first time it's something, but then i realise it's not that great! What it's great it's making my followers (and other users that like too) laugh and have fun with my memes... but hey that's what we are doing here on memecenter isn't it? :)

and thank you :)
Q : How many times a day do you post your memes? because I LOVE IT , post more!!!
rita.haruka8 years ago
A : i don't have a certain number for posting a day... but i everyday except weekends, it really depends on the pictures and gifs i find in the depths of the internet! (and there are things that cannot be unseen T_T you've been warned!)
Thanks for your support and "Love" for my memes :D
Q : do you really eat memecenter for breakfast?
bepe8 years ago
A : I really do, i always start making memes in the morning :D
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