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From United States, 27 years old.
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Where did it all go wrong?
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Q : Pinkie pie best pony? :3
sir_applepie8 years ago
A : Hell yeah, she's best pony!!! Heck, I'd make a long post dedicated to her being awesome and all, and maybe I will! Sometime. Someday. Maybe. It'd probably be the longest post I'd ever make! And then cram a hundred pics into it. It's not even a hard question. It's not even a challenge! Pinkie Pie, will be, in my eyes, best pony, forever, and ever, and ever! I mean, I have other favorite pones too, but Pinkie Pie! She takes the cake. The cake that she made! And then shared to everyone. Pinkie Pie!
Q : what is the difference between my life and your life?
cav1698 years ago
A : My life, is in my Home, and town. Your life, is at your home, and city/town/wherever you live at. Our lives also consist on the type of people we are, and the things we like, or dislike! Aside from the differences we have, we both have the same earth, same air, same sky, and so on. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of what's different...well, who knows.
Q : are you a girl?
king_kratos8 years ago
A : I'm a pony.
houdini728 years ago
Q : Matrix, tell me about urself. :P
riadmorina8 years ago
A : I don't know where to start. I like making things for fun. I love the color blue. My favorite number is 8 or 28. I'm a big fan of superjail and like mlp:fim, just like a lot of people would. My most favorite movie of all time would be Terminator 2. I grew up watching the hell out of that movie. Pinkie Pie is my most favorite pony. I also like to play the Pokemon series, and my most favorite Pokemon that beats the rest would be Bisharp. I love dubstep. some beats are the shizzz.. Life is Perfect.
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