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From Cluster E.A., 126 years old.
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About agate_fluorite
The moment you read this... You're already done reading this.
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agate_fluorite's Favorite Questions
Q :

.....thank you for the follow *bows*.....why did you follow me? (I just wonder is all)
....if you could have 3 powers....what would you choose?....would you fight for good or evil?.......neither....or a bit a both?
.....would you tell anyone about your powers?.........what would your name be?......
...if you met a talking otter.......what would you do?

gdamnit7 years ago
A :

You're welcome... I followed you because you are awesome.
If I have 3 powers that would be Evolution, Aura and Non-Existence. I won't fight but if I do that means a problem would be god-like entity or the end of the universe.

No I won't. My name would be The Wandering Guy who never Fights unless something happened".

OMG a talking otter... Tell me what's the secret behind the language of animals?

Q :

If you had elemental powers, what would they be, if you were apart of one of these species (shadows,human or angels) what would your name be, what would your weapon be, i was be shadow elemental powers be apart of the shadows and i would have a sword that could shoot lasers out of gem that is on the sword that allows it to transform into a war hammer and scythe( i would tell you all the details but that would take hours) and my name would be shadow tricker, wish could tell you the back story :3

fieryscout7 years ago
A :

If I had elemental powers that would be Aether, I choose angel and I will be named Eiseniel, My weapon is an aetherial orb that could transform into other weapons.

Q :

Why hello there.

nitr07 years ago
A :

Because Hi there. :D

Q :

Are you.... ummm one of "those" people?

ron.7 years ago
A :

What kind of people?

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