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From United States, 26 years old.
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About alex19xd
Hey there ! Welcome to my profile , I hope your visit will be worth your time and you will have a good laugh! ^_^ Here you have my youtube channel , enjoy!
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alex19xd's Favorite Questions
Q : what languages are you speaking?
speedlpn8 years ago
A : Well I am from Romania so I speak Romanian.. But I like English very much so I speak it too :D + a little French :P
Q : Sal'tare romane! Ce faci?
Imi plac postarile, est destul de bun c: As avea o intrebare.
Ce fel de muzica asculti? :3
analolumadbro8 years ago
A : Salutare! ^_^ In primul rand vreau sa iti multumesc deoarece consideri ca postarile mele sunt bune, am lucrat mult pentru ele :)) Iar in al doilea rand iti voi raspunde la intrebare :)) : eu de obicei ascult muzica mai.. rock.. nu prea imi place muzica lenta.. doar in unele cazuri. O sa iti spun artistii mei preferati.. asa iti vei da seama mai bine ^_^ Imi place foarte mult de Emeli Sande, in special melodiile ei Read All About it si My kind of love si iubesc trupa The Script :D
Q : It is so epic O.o You make great posts.. But admins wont feature even one of them :S . Do you think you have badluck :D?
ttt44448 years ago
A : Sorry I see your question now :))
Well yeah.. I think I have some badluck but maybe I should start using more gifmaker :)) or you know.. make more gifs ... I think they don't feature only pictures -.- just in less cases... but I guess I should have get that feature at least once :)) Even I loled at my memes, some of them or 70% of them :)) But I think I don't know to use too well gifmaker.. maybe I will try more or use another gifmaker :)) And I don't really have my jokes on for a gif :)))
Q : Hi there! Am vazut ca esti "pe vaaaal" in comment section :> Intrebare..: Din ce parte a Romaniei ai sosit pe taramul acesta? :3
xolucy8 years ago
A : Hello ! ^__^ Da.. sunt pe ''val'' cat de cat dar nu dau foarte multe commenturi pe zi :)) 5 maxim. Mersi ;)
Eu sunt din Valcea apropo :)) Tu? ;P
Q : How did you get the Dragonborn, Y U NO, Bear Grylls and Verified trophies?
A : If you want a trade, send me a message . :D
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