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About annie.boismenu
Alright, so I am a French-speaking total fangirl from Canada. I have a crush on Cesare Borgia. My religion is Raistlin Majere. If you do not know who Raistlin Majere is, your heroic fantasy education needs some basic classes. And if you know Raistlin Majere, inbox me, inbox me so much!
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annie.boismenu's Favorite Questions
Q : so from your posts i assume you are a supernatural fan?
tamuno5 years ago
A : Me? Nooooooo...
Q : so you are supernatural fans you love jack frost and cats. what else? :)
tamuno5 years ago
A : I really don't know what to answer. I kinda love everything. I can try a summary : Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Jane Austen, Marvel, Anime (but not everything though), ATLA and LOK, Disney, Dreamworks, Being Human (UK), Sherlock, Star Trek (but not the new movies), Dragonlance, Doctor Who, just so many video games, and the list could go on forever.
Q :

I just want to say i really love your posts.
You are one of the funniest here on memecenter for me.
Keep up the good work!
I guess i must ask a question.

What's your favorite anime or cartoon?

alexander-ws5 years ago
A :

Thank you! :3 I spend a lot of time every day to find these posts, so I'm very happy to see people love them.
And to answer your question, my all-time favourite cartoon is Avatar: The Last Airbender. Mostly because of Zuko. Hehe. (And my favourite anime is Death Note, btw.)

Q :

I feel sorry for all the hate I've been seeing you get recently

malachi124 years ago
A :

Thanks, but to be honest, none of this really gets to me. We're all strangers on a website, my life's not going to get bad because some people I don't even know don't like Tumblr.

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