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From United States, 23 years old.
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anonymousdonor's Favorite Questions
Q :

Just wanted to drop by and say how amazing your content is. You comic is really great, and I love the style!


Stay cool!

//badly edited flying into the sunset

gifer2 years ago
A :

This really made my day, thanks a million. I'm glad you liked the comics and I'll try to keep them going.

Q :

You there, with the nice comics, keep up it please.
That's some good stuff you got there, I like the artstyle and colors, it's pretty (btw, what program do you use for your comics' drawings?)

marques2 years ago
A :

Hello there! Thank you for the compliments, and i'm glad you're enjoying the comics! :)
I use Adobe Illustrator to create the characters and scenery, and afterwards I use Photoshop to touch it up.

Q :

No offence but your character looks like a black mage with some Shredder scale armor :V

marvin253102 years ago
A :

no worries, i'll take that as a compliment ;D
when designing AnonymousDonor I actually took heavy inspiration from
Marvel's Taskmaster, and the LOTR Nazg├╗ls, while making necessary adjustments in order to better match my profile avatar.

Q :

What exactly do you donate?

dead5dealer52 years ago
A :

i donate autistic meems and comics, mainly because i'm too broke to donate anything else ;-;

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