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About anth
I am way more active on Discord. Certified oldfag who knows everything better. Discord ID: anth#6418
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anth's Favorite Questions
Q :

Anth! y u so arrogANTH?!

A :

It's all a show

Q :

Do you live on that one Acid post lately? O.o

dasnyggin6 years ago
A :

Honestly now I live more on RPG maker given to me by green_space_dorito (thanks fam ya got me addicted) I just comment on acid and front page instead of making posts because I do love this community and I don't want to abandon it but I have many other things to do which leaves me little to no time making posts, I can always make the comment compilation and sometimes a Homerstrip on the side (more strips from other series coming soon btw).

Q :

Hi Anth.
Got many questions but let me ask these first:

1. What is the number of this question?
2. What inspired you to make the Zombie Survival Chapter?

By the way, thanks for the Zombie Survival. It's worth to read when i'm not at MC.
Because of it, I'm making my own story!

regalia1235 years ago
A :

1: 69 xd funny meemay
2: What inspired me is my own ambition to create a story may it be a game or a book or even a collection of texts on a memesite.

And it's awesome to hear I inspired you to make something yourself, if you need anything or have any questions to lift the infamous writer's block you can always PM me

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