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About barcaborn
Name pronounced as BarSaborn. Currently on meme hiatus due to college. See you later my dudes
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barcaborn's Favorite Questions
Q :

I'm sensing you're going to blow up and get tons of followers very shortly.

tohka6 years ago
A :

If that actually happens you will have proven to have a remarkable level of intuition. But out of curiosity, what makes you say that?

Q :

Do you have any other favorite teams beside Barcelona?

watermelonhero6 years ago
A :

Well, I guess I could say Borussia Dortmund. Mostly because they spanked Real in 2013 4-1 and that was the night I developed a soft spot for them I guess. So Dortmund it is.

Q :

Everything....gone....just like that.
from the dankness to the normiesm
you gotta hand it to the users
you did the post quick...
...but you missed a few edits
besides, if not for the users, we wouldn't have these memes
full of the dankest memes
an acid post, packed enough for you to remind the admin krist who's the memeboss
or even mc hq, who gazed the admins ain't fired
the users gave us something else
a memer
that may not sound much,.....well, we treat him here right.

doulla6 years ago
A :

Sorry for the late reply but wat :T

Q :

Hey guess what? You know what? I got something to tell you! You wanna know what?

I lovers you as a friend! Keep being awesome!

jenn6545 years ago
A :

Thanks Jenn!
Ditto to you n_n

Q :

I think you're the best thing after pizza-pancake-ice cream

dunki5 years ago
A :

Really? :0

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