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ben's Favorite Questions
Q : How Did You Create Memecenter,And What Inspired You To Create It And Who Are The Other Admins Like You,Cause You're Simply Awesome,And How Are Memes Featured?
1-28 years ago
A : Yes I created memecenter, mustapan is the other admin. We feature the content manually
Q : Do you have a social life? And, do you plan on making a memecenter app of iOS?
mozziedoo8 years ago
A : Yes I have :) After we finish improving the main site, IOS and Android apps will be next
Q : How many admins are there? And do you guys have a big office if you do have an office.
epicnameisepic8 years ago
A : Yes we have a big office and we are 12 people there, also we have more than 10 freelancers working for memecenter
Q : How did you manage to post 90k Memes?? I mean... where did you find that stuff?
roflz8 years ago
A : To get a traffic, I posted good stuff I found on internet, after memecenter had enough users to serve original content I stopped reposting. Last ~1000 content is mine
Q : how difficult was it to make this site the way it is now and how you get your income?
ninjacow198 years ago
A : Memecenter is one of the most complex sites in its niche, it is the result of a very hard work. Since we are a new site (1.5 years old and very few people know us) income is not our first priority
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