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About blohmtheory
A bag of plums! Well actually, no. But you seem to have come across a *click* noice profile I am BlohmTheory (Pronounced Blow-mh Fear-ree) I am part of A Scale Plastic Modeller community, I play hockey, soccer and golf, I do competitive big bore target shooting at ranges, write fanfictions, do lots of schoolwork and tinker with various items like radios, remotes, batteries or even big scale remote controlled airplanes . Usually I'll be on MC during weekends, and from time to time I'll upload a new rage comic or something like that. I come from the Land under the land down under, also known as Tasmania. The air is fresh, the sea is blue and its always some degrees below zero. But the cold never bothered me too much. I love watching Fairy Tail, some good disney movies, I like Marvel comics, transformers (good ones, not Michael Bay ones) and Hogans heroes. Have a browse through my memes if you want, always give a like every now and then and follow me for more posts every once in a while. Or I will come to your house and paint it shrek green. Up to you m8. i all so am 0pen to 1v1 quicksc0pe mlg pro matchz to prove my l00t sk1LLs.
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Q :

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Welcome to Memecenter!

shortyshrimp6 years ago
A :

Thank you. Now I feel like I have power!

Q :

Whats with the "*Click* Nice." Thing?

omihid6 years ago
A :

*click* Nice is a meme from Michael Rosen's videos. He's a children's book author and is really funny. There have been many youtube poops made of him which are so freaking hilarious. Seriously, I die laughing everytime. Check out videos like Michael Rosen gets caught by the FBI, Skyfoogle 1, 2 and 3, and others too.

Original Video from Michael's video 'Hot food', where the gif is from:

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