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From Puffy Cloud Island, 130 years old.
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About coprelia
0% tolerance for gore, 10% tolerance for shock sites, 20% tolerance for spooky shitz (including clowns), 30% tolerance for ultra violence, 40% tolerance for idiots, 50% tolerance for sarcasm, 60% tolerance for people with no sense of humour, 70% tolerance for mean beings, 80% tolerance for racism, 90% tolerance for sexism, 100% tolerance for memes.
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coprelia's Favorite Questions
Q : I'm a mean being, I like spooky shitz and ultra violence, I'm a idiot sometimes, I love to use sarcasm, I like to make racist and ***ist jokes sometimes and I also make memes
How much am I tolerated yet?
symage8 years ago
A : Please refer to attached image for results. :B
Q : Why are you not as well known? You are awesome :D
n00bkilla1938 years ago
A : Thank you! (✿◠‿◠)

But I've been a MC ninja for too long! And one does not just become well-known on MC...

(Yes, that's a rare 1/16000s capturing a ninja in action)
Q : How can you be so afraid of spooky shitz or gore?Are you just born scared or did something happened when you were a kid? I'm just curious.Hate no brother for his curiosity.
mrfunny8 years ago
A : Well, I didn't realise I was afraid of gore THAT much before I watched Clockwork Orange. Somehow it affected me, I've no idea why though... Like anime with gory-slashing-blood scenes will also make me flinch. But what decidedly concludes that fear was my attempt to watch Saw, 5min into it, and I surrendered. >.<

Spooky shitz, not that much, well, I did experience some supernatural stuff 1st hand, but somehow I'm still a non-believer. =/ (I wish not to believe) BUT, stories still gets to me D:
Q : You make some cute drawings. What program do you use? I use Paint Tool SAI, but I still am not very good at it...
yamiryuuzero8 years ago
A : I do rough sketches on paper then draw them on PS5 with only a mouse and occasional use of the touch pad.

And that's it. Colouring/shadings and detailings, all on PS5, nothing fancy. ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)
Q : Coprelia~chan! I love your art style so much. Every time I see a post/drawing by you I lose manliness, and I like! Think you can draw me as a super kawai banana!?
acevesgame7 years ago
A : Hehe, I'm glad!! :3

Tips to regain manli-hood #300: Punch a dry wall with bare fist. (It works, well, most of them time xD)

Aaaaand, here ye go >3<)v
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