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This site sure wen't down the drain.
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Q : I just saw vnklvnkl question, and I don't know if he/she was referring to your current profile oAo;

But if it was, and you drew the white feathered guy..

HOLY SMACK, WAS IT REALLY YOU!? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS, IT'S FJSIOAGFARWKOGOL BEAUTIFUL!!!11! I thought it was from an anime and been searching for it. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
elliwood6 years ago
A : ^^° It indeed is my drawing (except for the christmas hat).I've made it a couple of years ago and uploaded it on tumblr....
It's sad and dissapointing how people just "oversee" the sentence "if you use my drawings for anything,please ask me and give me some credit about it,okay?"
Since that,I don't upload my drawings ANYWHERE.
I can sure send you some of them in a chat but I won't upload them on MC.
Sawey ._.
Q : Why dont you post any of your drawing here? pretty sure you'll get really popular really fast :)
bountyace6 years ago
A : It's because memecenter is for the lulz and only a bit deep shit (like faith in humanity series) and my drawings aren't really any of that...
But more important- These drawings are all really personal and there is a lot of lifeblood in them.
I don't think that it's art either.
They're just a few scribbles on paper...nothing more.
There sure are some people out there who could see my drawings,but I want to be sure that I can trust them.
Sorry,if you expected to see my drawings :/
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