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About cuttlefishy
Hullo! My name is Zoe and I post art and sometimes comics ^-^
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cuttlefishy's Favorite Questions
Q :

I guess D.Gray-Man is your favourite Anime
What do you like about it?

orangemelon6 years ago
A :

Lol its only my cover because I'm currently watching it XD
But I do enjoy it a lot, I think it'll match Pandora Hearts in my top 10!

The sort of style reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist for some reason, so that could be why.. Also i haven't really found any characters I REALLY hate (kinda like with Buso Renkin). I mean, I could be angry at a villain for killing a character I liked--but that's not the same as being extremely annoyed at one of the 'good guys'.

Anyway, yeah..Thats why ^_^

Q :


fudge_packer6 years ago
A :


Q :

what do you use to draw your pictures? or is it all by hand.

mega8apollo6 years ago
A :

For 99.9% (except for that one photo of a drawing i did on paper) all of my art is done digitally. I don't really have a good program or anything, I just have this app for school that I use...
It's called OneNote and I started using the pen tool (which I like the look of) to draw during class when i was bored and then one day I actually tried to put effort into a drawing and I liked how solid the colour was!
I just have an ordinary pen stylus that I draw on the vertical laptop screen with XD

Q :

How you find MC fishy?

netninja6 years ago
A :

oooooh i like this question! :D
Whenever I finish watching a show or playing a game, I always look up memes to do with it. I remember one day I was like "Y'know, I haven't seen many Legend of Zelda memes..." so I googled for some and I think Meme Center was the 2nd option. I would go here to look for Pokémon memes, anime memes, etc. and then one day I thought "Meh, why not make an account?" so yeah... I did.
Then I got a PM from dead5 about the feed and decided to take a look-see~ aaand yeh XD

Q : Make this a fave question
vorarephilia5 years ago
A :
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