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Q : You must get this all the time, but what do you use to draw?
00507028 years ago
A : I have 4 programs that i use... Paint tool SAI, Manga Studio 5, Adobe flash cs6, Photoshop cs6

but the one i use all the time is Paint tool SAI its quite easy and fast to use.
Q : What is your Characters names ?

Awesome art style, I can see good posts coming
yazanios8 years ago
A : you guys always say its good but they dont get featured so its worthless.. anyways thanks for the compliment

the girl withe the emo looks is called is AKward gIrl (AKI) and jack is (Just Another Character Kay?) Da3rd is my original unlucky usagi is UNLUCKY USAGI.. sooo thats my OCs so far... i might add another one in my comics
Q : Why did u made an another user madapaka?:D
princesama18 years ago
A : the name madapaka is not really appropriate for me anymore
Q : Bro you're awesome you're even 69 y/old like me
1. you have awesome ocs
2. by remembering your posts i think you have improved more than my mind can comprehend XD
PS: sorry I can't keep up online with everyone
3. congrats for the 2000+ followers and good lick to my pe- eh i mean good luck
knno8 years ago
A : dude youre more awesomer than me :3 and thanks..

1. thanks really thought hard for making another 4 OCs
2. nahhh i thin i didnt improved that much
3. yeah cant believe it i have 2k+ followers i dont get featured that much kinda wierd and thans good luck to you also man

PS you dont have to keep up with everyone here man... just continue on whut you do that makes you awesome :3
Q : could you dra some caracter from league of legends ??, i would love to se your work on that ;D
mattect8 years ago
A : I will draw it but in these conditions.

1. If i really like the (Person ,Anime ,Games ,Fanart , ETC. ) i will draw it.
2. I will draw anything as long as i get commissioned for it.
3. Depends on my mood.

PS : If you all think i'm some kind of shmuck cause i draw for money.. well (you're a hypocrite cause we all need money for a living.)
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