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About dashiedash
I am actually just a figment of your imaginations. I do not exist, neither do you.
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dashiedash's Favorite Questions
Q :

Is it weird that I think there should be a "love and tolerate trophy"?

josh5237 years ago
A :

no...not at all

Q :

Are you still around? Too many people have left, please tell me you're not one of them.

thomasson7 years ago
A :

I'm still here. Just having some weird internet problems

Q :

Remember when I was a higher level than you?
Tactical Genius Farm remembers...

mirakil7 years ago
A :

*Tactical Genius Farmer

And I also remember that you were higher than me, but now I have like five features, more than 200 followers, and an average of 25 likes per day. It was like I sued seven nitros in a row but you can still make it though. Just don't stop posting and you'll be featured in no time!

Q :

What is love?

(And change that profile pic to pony again,no one likes anthro)

thomasson7 years ago
A :

> "If I were to speak all the languages of the whole world but have no love, then I'm just a useless noise."
> Says the one who liked Equestria Girls.

Q :

I have an IQ of 180 and don't believe in god and also i'm the founding member of the anti-brony committee where we go out and force a prostitute onto a brony until said brony has produced a child and is forced into early adulthood and i would like to know how do you get cookies so soft?

chandley7 years ago
A :

By placing it in hot milk.

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