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About doulla
Memecenter is just like home, it sucks, not a good place, and I want to go to a better place, and yet I still come here, because in the end this is where I belong.
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doulla's Favorite Questions
Q :

What is your favorite pastime?

A :

playing videogames, drawing and derping memecenter.

Q :

How do you think your favourite fictional character would be killed, and by who, in The Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny?

A :

lol, my favoritce fictional character got killed like 3 times or something, but he still doesn't die, only gets stronger :P
but if there's any way he's gonna die for real, then I think it'd be by suicide

A :

WOW !!!
I'm a servant of women and I cost $2,000
there's so much I don't know about me D:

Q :

Well, I don't know how long you have that BackGround/Banner
I can remember you tellin me that you are makin one, but it turned out much better than I could have imagined :o
Really really awesome job

(and thx for includin ^^)
Stay awesome my friend ^-^b

orangemelon6 years ago
A :

thanks a lot orange, you too ^^
I added as many awesome people as possible (>*w*)>
I got a lot of help from you though, and I uploaded it few days ago :P

Q :

what do you do when you're out of ideas?

bread-man5 years ago
A :

I usually take a break, sometimes even get out and get some fresh air
and I'd look at old posts of some users, they'd usually give me some ideas.

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