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About doulla
Been here since April 2013, We make memes, not for the admins, nor for the site, but for ourselves and our followers, if you make memes for the admins or the site, then I have bad news for ya. and reminder that Otrebot fam created my profile picture, like Otrebot memes on MC
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doulla's Favorite Questions
Q :

What is your favorite pastime?

A :

playing videogames, drawing and derping memecenter.

Q :

How do you think your favourite fictional character would be killed, and by who, in The Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny?

shun_of_andromedaabout a year ago
A :

lol, my favoritce fictional character got killed like 3 times or something, but he still doesn't die, only gets stronger :P
but if there's any way he's gonna die for real, then I think it'd be by suicide

Q :

I can't see zoidberg anymore without seeing him as you v_v

I hope you're proud

tryoloabout a year ago
A :

LMAO. I'm really proud :')

though I do know that feel, everytime I play bastion, I remember barcaborn, everytime I see DW, I remember thekejjo and everytime I see harold, I remember crafty

Q :

Eyy, look what I found :0

barcabornabout a year ago
A :

WOW !!!
I'm a servant of women and I cost $2,000
there's so much I don't know about me D:

Q :

sup bro.
just wanted to tell your you shit is dank.
imo your as good as bako,metallion or barca.
keep making your dank memes man.
god knows this site need them.

shimon.trabelsi.7about a year ago
A :

wow, thanks shimon, although they're not dank as your posts and as barca, metallion or bako
thanks tho, you 4 are some of the many users that inspired me ^^

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