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About eatmyfist
Yes I plan on posting again and all that, just need to get some stuff out of the way first. Patience my precious, patience. Thank you Nitr0 for the avatar.
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eatmyfist's Favorite Questions
Q : Your cover and profile pic are the best arguments in the world! xD Just wanted to say this! ;D
nicksfluffyshit5 years ago
A : Haha, thanks. =P
Q : What does your fist taste like?
damatman8885 years ago
A : Mostly revenge, and the blood of thine enemies. Has a minty after taste on thursdays.
Q : hey uhh u commented on a picture of 2 husky's and you put a picture of smile dog on it every time i try to reply to it my chrome crashes...... any clue why?
yaboisenpai5 years ago
A :
Q : Hello! I've been wondering, how'd you get the idea for your username? ^_^
silverrocket5 years ago
A : The same way I come up with memes, randomly lol. I hate having a username with a number in it so I try to think of something that other people wouldn't think of. Took me a couple tries and then suddenly Eatmyfist came to mind. And here we are =P
Q : Can you make a Post that evil enough to rustle my Jimmies?
I dont think so, so, go ahead and try to rustle my Jimmies. >:3
chechbrech5 years ago
A : As I've said Denis, patience. Everyone is rustled by something, whether you admit it or not. You know it happened. That's good enough for me.
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