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Q : Are you a guy or a girl I need to know that picture so confusing why u no make sence
akinu8 years ago
A : I am a girl C:
Q : Y U No post more on Memecenter?
kidop108 years ago
A : I make a new comic every week on thursdays on my website If I posted every comic I did every week there would be no point to my website xD I want people to visit my site, so I post on memecenter to let people know what I'm up to but if they wanna see all my comics they can go see my website. I for sure want to post more on memecenter though xD
I hope to create comics exclusively for memecenter soon
Thank you for the question C:

Q : Can I get a free high five?
niggerstein8 years ago
A : I high fived my computer screen, hope you were there buddy...
Q :

I was wondering if I could do a one time donation instead of subscribing to your patron. I do not want anything, just feel like you deserve something for all the hard-work you do in the community

vegamania7 years ago
A :

Oh my gosh wow!! If you go to my website: there's a donate button on the right side, last button C:

Gosh that's really nice of you, thank you so much! ;A;

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