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From United States, 126 years old.
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erzafullbuster died by rainbows
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Q : Is Raichu your favorite pokemon?
blazen6 years ago
A : No. It is Espurr. Raichu is cute but Espurr is cuter.
Q : what anime genre do you like?
11tontsa116 years ago
A : All the genres :3
Q : do you play games? what are your favorites? i like borderlands, far cry 3, oblivion and skyrim, minecraft, DayZ, angry birds rio(pc), terraria, binding of iisac, skate 2, gta 2&3 san andreas iv and v, battlefield 2 - bad company 1&2 - 3, medal of honor and medal of honor warfighter, port royale 3.... and some others i don't list now
11tontsa116 years ago
A : Minecraft is one of my favs. But I like to play most of of wat you listed.
Q : Does your name mean that you ship ErzaXGray?
alex.dagos6 years ago
A : Not really cause now I ship Gruvia and NaLu
Q : i hope you don't get offended but are you really 13 old? your post and comments are far more mature than i would except from 13 old? just asking don't get mad.
11tontsa116 years ago
A : I'm not mad and yes I am only 13 but I am turning 14 on December 4 :D The reason there so mature is cause I am mature.
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