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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meme?

Internet meme is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. It is referred to viral funny videos, funny images, rage comics, image macros and more. Also see

How posts are getting featured?

Our editors decide which posts will get featured. Likes does not affect being featured. But of course if it gets likes at recent page, it has more chance to get featured.

How can I get featured on front page?

Be original, Be funny

I see reposts are getting featured. WTF?

We do our best to filter reposts but it is very hard. Also sometimes there are days no funny content are created. So we have to feature reposts. Original Content (OC) > Repost . Even if it is not funny as repost

Can I delete my content?

Yes you can, however if you don't delete it after 3 minutes of submission, the content will be removed from your account and moved to a dummy account named 'recylebin'.

But I accidentally sent it, can you delete it?

No we can't

How experience system works?

We can't give you the formula of experience (xp) system but it depends on your quality and shares. It plays a critical role of user ranking.

Do high level users have more chance to get featured?

No, your level does not affect your chance to get featured.

What are trophies and badges?

There are over 100 trophies and badges. Trophies are given when you accomplish something such as 10x featured, 5x Facebook share etc, badges are easter eggs hidden all over the place, you have to find them alone.

What is the difference between registered members and normal visitors? Why i should join?

As a registered user;

  • You can create your own meme's with MemeCenter Memebuilder
  • Access to NSFW content *Me Gusta
  • Access to use your personal profile page*
  • Remix* anything if you liked and many more!
  • If your own created content gets featured, whole meme world will know your existence! Not " Forever Alone " anymore :)

Does my MemeCenter account expire?

Nope. Your account and your soul is forever belongs to us.

How can i report a person?

There's a " Report Profile " button on everyone's personal page. Don't hesitate to report his/her profile. Profile picture, his/her posts, avatar etc. if anything is wrong, we will take care of it.

I created a super duper ultra funny meme! How will i know get featured?

Keep calm, we can handle that. We give you a notification when it is featured, just check your notifications list at top right.

I like to see " X " person's posts. His/Her works are awesome! Do we have any notifications about that " X " person i liked? For example added new contents of " X " ?

* You don't get any notifications about that. But you can see your followed people posts at " Subscriptions " section.

I want to unfollow someone. Is it possible?

- When you follow someone, Follow button changes to Unfollow. To unfollow a person you can you the same link

I was creating a long meme then the browser crashed half-way. I activated the auto-save though, how can i load those back so i wont have to start allover?

You dont need to panic. If you activated auto-save in memebuilder then your last state will be autoloaded whenever you reopen memebuilder again.