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About finger_v
Hate these say something about yourself things, there is over 9000% chance I woud end up saying some bulls**t, be it in my favor or not. For older like gifs and all that cool stuff conveniently in one place click the green WWW. Discord: CalciumChief#4471 CalciumChief#2675
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finger_v's Favorite Questions
Q : First of all ,you are the best(according to me)
But I always wanted to ask what does your name mean?I mean I just cannot make any sense out of it......
I am a Big comicbook fan too,by the way.
themaskedone8 years ago
A : The Best? That is certainly a new one. While I don't consider myself that, thanks anyway. As for the name, there is no real deep philosophical thought in it, and I think there are more random out there. But, anyways, it is, more or less, an English equivalent of my last name, and think of "V" as the Roman five. And the _ is there only because it wouldn't let me use the space bar when typing my name in Diablo 2.
Q : What software do use to edit the gifs , they are pretty impressive ?
emyyy8 years ago
A : Used Paint before to edit frames, but it messes the image up when stretching. After I found out how to use PhotoScape to edit frames I use that (still sometimes use paint, like with Barbarian like). And PhotoScape to animate the frames into gif. And have the like, if you don't have it already.
Q :

why do u think I call you senpai??^_^

revvy7 years ago
A :

Too much sugar?

Q :

Why does your banner say "Look at him, look at him and laugh!" is it because your posts are so funny?

princeflamz7 years ago
A :

It says "Look at him an laugh" not "Look at his posts and laugh", does it (although, you could laugh at how bad my posts are too) ?

Q :

just here to tell you that you're awesome

thedarksorceress7 years ago
A :

Stop blazing already.

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