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foo.rebellion's Favorite Questions
Q : You have awesome skills :D May I ask what you use to draw?
slxoverlord4 years ago
A : pencils, pens, some eraser, papers, computer, Photoshop and a scanner. well its kind a awkward when im using both manually and digital. I dont have a tablet....oh the feels! you can check my whole posts if you have the time...
Q : are you a guy or a girl? or perhaps a pumpkin?(pls dont answer pumpkin)
theshadowclasher4 years ago
A : Im just a simple man with big dream
Q :

Oh a Malaysian MCentrian? I didn't know it was popular in Malaysia. I only happen to stumble upon to this website. My question is, how did you find out about this website?

strivingrax4 years ago
A :

oohohoho a fellow Malaysian~~
nice question...
Its was my brother, one year ago...
the first meme i saw in Memecenter is one of the Hobo post.
that one really make me lol on the floor.
and thats why im wanna try in Memecenter... and im surprise, the community are quite interesting~
You can totally blend in, you just gonna be polite, kind to others. and tadaa~~
you're the most epic and awesome community. :)
welcome to MC

Q :

ur fav place in malaysia?? ^_^

revvy4 years ago
A :

gosh, there too many~~
but but..
the most fav place taht i want to go again is the Langkawi Island!!

pretty sand beach, local food...and oh my god, they are delicious!!
clear sea water and sea turtles~~!

but what is the best about Langkawi Island is~~ free taxes on chocolate!!


Q : you better not be hitting on other girls behind me
you jack ass
hil.explosion5 months ago
A :

im not, sweetie!!
you are my truly waifu <3333

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