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Q : You're drawing style is really near like Gearboy's...
justsomerandommemes10 months ago
A : I KNOW. idk how many times i have to say he inspired me. me and gearboy already talked about it. im changing my style.
Q : Are you so immature that you would bury all criticism of your artwork? Not that the artwork was bad, just that it seems silly, also im guessing the characters hair colour is from the Swedish flag?
epicrenegade10 months ago
A : Hate isn't crit.
if u wanna call "U ***** U JUST COPIED AND PASTED GEAR BOY" crit then ur crazy. of course i'll bury that stupid shit.
Q : Another fellow artist eh,
I got 2 questions:
Where or How did ya find out about MemeCenter?
& Are you a Guy? (sorry I have to ask)
cleeted10 months ago
A : i found out from friends sharing on facebook
i am a girl :3
Q : Do you use a tablet and Paint Tool SAI?
Eliza4910 months ago
A : i use a mouse and i use sai yes :3
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